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International scope in living

At Van der Vorm Living you can find all the rental properties from Van der Vorm Vastgoed. We operate in five countries. We offer wonderful living opportunities with 1500 homes and apartments in the most beautiful cities of the Netherlands, Poland, England, Belgium and France.

Focus on sustainable quality

Our homes are all of recent construction and/or recently renovated. We strive for high standards in building quality, appearance, living comfort and service. Working with quality partners, we provide tenants with all the service and support they need when they have questions, comments or problems. But we are also accessible and approachable ourselves if things are not to your liking, or not resolved as desired.

You don’t live alone

As homeowners and landlords, we would also like to add something: the ability to connect and maintain more and better contact with neighbours and fellow residents. An enrichment of our tenants’ social lives. This is important.

Increasingly, therefore, we are adding meeting opportunities to our residential complexes, such as shared living rooms, work spaces, sports facilities and kitchen gardens. We are also working on digital solutions that allow us to strengthen the connection with our tenants and tenants among themselves. For example, with the arrival of our digital janitor. This is not only an online platform for direct contact, service and maintenance, but also for contact among tenants themselves. More on that soon!

Sustainability by nature

Our housing stock is of recent construction years and this is a conscious choice. We are working toward a 100% sustainable real estate portfolio. Meanwhile, 85% of our homes have an A label. We are working constantly on further improving sustainability.

An engaged company

We operate with a driven and growing team of more than 30 employees from Rotterdam. They work not only in a family business, but also in a compact, agile and friendly organization, with bright ambitions for the future. There is always room for quality.