Warsaw, Poland


The beautiful new Solidarinosci complex consists of 55 apartments, 52 parking spaces and 27 storage rooms. The building is four floors high and is located in the popular Praga Pólnoc district in the heart of Warsaw.


All apartments feature a luxurious bathroom, kitchen with built-in appliances and a balcony. Around the complex is a large garden, which can be used by the tenants. Living areas range from 30 m² (studio) to 77 m² (3-room apartment).


The building is located in the popular Praga Poloc district, 200 meters from the new metro station. One of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, this area is known as a vibrant cultural hotspot where art and culture, past and present come together. Praga Polnac is an upcoming neighbourhood with a mix of young urban, bohemian and students. Because of the Google campus and other related startups, there is a creative vibe here.

Beautiful living in popular district
Culture and arts around the corner
Communal garden storage and parking


Surface 30-77 m²
Outdoor space yes
Rooms 1 (studio) - 3 (apartment)
Bedrooms 1-2
Rent from 2,100 - 5,300 PLN zloty per month

Floor plans

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