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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We're happy to help!

Interest in property

How do I qualify for housing?

At Van der Vorm Living, you can find rental properties throughout the Netherlands and in a number of major European cities. Available offerings can be found through the housing finder on this site. Have you found a property that interests you? Then contact the rental agent or contact person, or send a message using the contact form.

Submit repairs

Where can I go for repairs to my home/commercial space?

You can contact our service desk for this. The service desk can be reached by phone at +31(0)10 436 92 18 or by e-mail: servicedesk@vormvastgoed.nl.


What to do in an emergency?

In the event of immediate danger to life, it is always necessary to call 911.

If the property is damaged or at risk of damage, the property manager’s phone number is available during business hours. Should that not work (quickly) you can reach us as the owner 24 hours a day at +31(0)10 436 92 18.

This is only applicable if there is a major damage or a chance of even greater damage outside of office hours. Examples include a major leak, window breakage, burglary, faulty heating during frost, short circuit with fire hazard, etc.

If we are called without a true emergency, we may pass on the costs incurred to the tenant.

Rental agreement

May I sublet my property to someone else?

No this is not allowed. We try to be careful in renting out properties. Fair housing distribution and personal contact with our tenants is paramount. Subletting does not fit that bill.

How should I terminate the rental of my property?

Rent may be terminated in writing only, before or on the last day of a month. Please allow at least one calendar month’s notice. With us, a lease termination is final and irrevocable. Thus, canceling the lease under reservation is not possible. If there are 2 tenants on the lease then both must sign the lease termination notice. Mail the scanned and signed rental notice to servicedesk@vormvastgoed.nl

What happens to the lease if the tenant of a property dies?

The partner or spouse of a deceased tenant can ask us to adjust the ascription on the lease to match the new situation. Is the deceased person the only tenant? Then we handle the termination of the lease with the heirs after receiving the death certificate.

How should the property be delivered at the end of the lease?

The property must be left clean, in the same condition as it was at the start of the lease. We agree on a pre- and final inspection.

What happens during the pre-inspection?

The service manager/house manager will assess what needs to be done before you return the home to us. These include leaving the home clean, any items for acquisition and any self-installed changes that may or may not remain in place. The service manager/house manager will note everything on the pre-inspection form, which you will then receive by email.

What happens during the final inspection?

The service manager will assess whether all work has been done, which was communicated to you during the pre-inspection. If things are not correct (yet), it is discussed whether that will still be done by the tenant, or at the tenant’s expense. The service manager also notes the meter readings. Please note that it must be passed on by the tenant to the energy and water companies.

Can I reschedule my pre- or final inspection?

Through an authorization form, you can also authorize someone else to attend inspections. Always try this way first. If there really is no other way, please contact our service desk as soon as possible at 010-436 92 18 or send an e-mail to servicedesk@vormvastgoed.nl.


What to do in case of nuisance problems?

Always try to get in touch with the neighbors first. If this does not work, please notify us in writing. You can use the form on this page to do so. It is also possible to contact Ms. D. van Nieuwenhuizen (telephone number 010 – 436 9218, e-mail d.vannieuwenhuizen@vormvastgoed.nl). She can help you reach an appropriate solution together.

I want to cancel my garage/parking space, how does that work?

I want to cancel my garage/parking space, how does that work?

In this case, please contact us via our phone number 010-436 92 18 or by email at servicesdesk@vormvastgoed.nl.