Apartments In City

Warsaw, Poland

Newly built apartments in Warsaw’s well-known Wola office district.


Van der Vorm Vastgoed acquired four high-end apartments here, located on the 9th, 11th and 13th (2 units) floors, including 4 parking spaces.

The apartments are finished to a high standard and are centrally located to public transportation and amenities. They have a comfortable living and bedroom (2-3), kitchen, luxury bathroom and complete inventory. All apartments have a balcony.


The apartments are a 500-meter walk from Warsaw’s main train station and are surrounded by several international companies and universities.

Comfortable living in office district
High quality finishing luxurious appearance
Restaurant and stores in the surroundings


Surface 60 - 72 m²
Rooms 2-3 rooms
Bedrooms 1 bedroom
Outdoor space balcony
Rent from €1,000 p.m.
Floor 9, 11 and 13 (2 pieces)
ul. Siedmiogrodzka 1 Warschau, Polen

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